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Michael ZT Rose

Immerse yourself into the mercilessly driven robotic-minimalism, with the lighting flashes of piano runs and the relentlessly flowing cascades of music in which the makeup of each song becomes the blueprint for the album as a whole. It
is the most succulent feast for the ears!
Jan Hocek HIS Voice Magazine (March 2017)

It is immediately clear that composer [Michael ZT Rose] has something special
and individual to offer.
Musicalifeiten (March 2017)

Fifteen piano miniatures of PHANTASMAGORIA embody the quintessential piano you always wished you could play - but you could play it only in your dream. In the absence of physical limitations in the digital age, Brooklyn based composer and visual artist Michael Zachary Thompson Rose redefines pianism by turning this dream into reality.

PHANTASMAGORIA is the debut recording by Michael ZT Rose, in which this exceptionally musical millennial explores the piano virtuosic territory by using keyboard merely as a MIDI input device.

Michael ZT Rose soaks up music of legendary American minimalist composers, such as Glass, Reich, and Riley and sets out to bridge the dichotomy between change and repetition. His music is infused with Baroque harpsichord virtuosity of Scarlatti, the pathos of Geminiani, and the sound synthesizer vocabulary from the early video games of his childhood.


This release is a part of an ongoing series of albums from ArpaViva Recordings that celebrates piano: in Hierosgamos (2017), by Cindy Cox - the piano at its resonant and percussive best; the power blasting sequencer in Phantasmagoria (2016), by Michael ZT Rose; and the vibrating glove and live improvisation in Kosmogonia (2012), by Victoria Jordanova.

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