Jordanova's work involves: solo performances of her own music on harp and piano, improvisation, use of live electronic sound processing, music for experimental film and video, writing scores for smaller and larger ensembles.

Jordanova's works are published by Comp Comp Press (ASCAP), ArpaViva Recordings, San Francisco/Los Angeles, CRI label New York, innnova recordings Minneapolis. DVD "Panopticon" produced by ArpaViva inc. is distributed by the Cinema Guild, New York.

Chamber music:
1992 - Requiem for Bosnia, for a broken piano, harp and child voice. Text used in the third movement, scrambled lyrics from Disney movies, exists only as a recording.
1994 - Mute Dance, harp and percussion (one performer),clarinet, and "Tape"
1995 - Mute Dance , arr. for choir, clarinet, piano (harp) 2 percussion
1995 - Dance to Sleep, harp, piano, clarinet, and percussion
1998 - While Waiting, for violin, and piano(lost)
1996 - Presence of Absence, a movement for string quartet(lost)
2001 - Trio for cello, viola and bassoon(lost)
2001 - Dance to Sleep arr. for two harps
2002 - Panopticon, for electric violin, flute, percussion, harp and harmonica
2003 - FunFair for brass quintet 2009- Oro - string quartet, marimba/piano
2010 - Ballad for string quartet

Music for Solo amplified harp without electronic processing:
1993 - 4 Preludes
1993 - Ballad and Dance
1993 - Variations for harp
2001 - The Traveling Eye of the Blue Cat, music for film by Shawn Atkins

Music for solo harp with interactive sound processing:
1995 - Dance to Sleep
1995 - Birds
1995 - Paddle-boat
1995 - In-Between
1995 - The Saw
1995 - Static (or JamMan)

Solo instruments:
1994 - Dance to Sleep, for midi percussion
1996 - Piano Sonatina, amplified aged piano and interactive electronics
1998 - Meet Me at the Small Dog Run solo piano music for a short film, based on the third movement of the Piano Sonatina
1998 - Ballad, for cello(lost)
2011 - Loveling for two piano

Electro acoustic sound compositions:
2003- Outer Circles, vocal electro acoustic sound composition.Text: lists of names of the 9/11 victims as published on the Internet.
2004 - Le Campane-elctro acoustic sound composition

Song cycle:
1997, 2010 - New York Love Songs: Prayer, Bite, Chinese Laundry Across The Street, Moon.
Scored for: piano, voice, jingle-bells and harmonica, for one or more performers. Lyrics written by Victoria Jordanova, Su Shi, and excerpt from Kama Sutra, translated by R.Burton.

1996 - Short Attention Span Symphony
1. Flight
2. Disolves
(San Francisco Women's Philharmonic Orchestra Award)

2000 - Gray Falcon and Black Sheep, for SATB, text written by Victoria Jordanova.
2001 - Gray Falcon and Black Sheep, for SATB and winds
2011 - Gospodi pomiluj (Kyrie eleison) for 6 voices

Music for Film and Video:
1998 - Meet Me at The Small Dog Run, direction, videography, music score, soundtrack by Victoria Jordanova.
2001 - The Traveling Eye of the Blue Cat, for prepared harp, music for film by Shawn Atkins
2003 - Panopticon, music score Victoria Jordanova, direction by Relja Penezic, ArpaViva DVD-s, San Francisco, distributed by Cinema Guild, New York.
2004 - Villa dei Pini, acoustic piano, by Victoria Jordanova, video by Graham Parkes, Bogliasco Foundation, Genova, Italy.
2005 - The Name of the Rose, Author: Mario Fallini, Soundtrack by Victoria Jordanova

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