Victoria Jordanova's "Loveling" for amplified piano is a meditation on yearning: a slowly cycling bass line, a chaconne equally at home in the Baroque or contemporary pop, over which ever-more rich variations cast their web. Performance is by the brilliant and fearless pianist, Jenny Q Chai, recorded for the ArpaViva album "New York Love Songs."

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Victoria Jordanova premiers her work "Suspended" for prepared harp, vibrating glove and electronics at San Francisco Electronic Music Festival.

Excerpts from Victoria Jordanova's performance in Liguria, Italy. Acoustic piano and found objects.

Trailer for a film based on a live performance of Jordanova's piece Panopticon by Victoria Jordanova and California E.A.R. Unit at the Bing Theater (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) on November 25 2002. Panopticon is an interdisciplinary piece exploring Surveillance Society. Music of Jordanova, video, history, spy cameras, and audio sensors merge to address issues of privacy in contemporary society. Performers include California E.A.R. Unit, Victoria Jordanov, and Jeffery Atik. Directed by Relja Penezic.